What is Rehab Body Lab? What is all the Excitement About? 


Everyone seems to be talking about RBL and all of the cool things going on there! People are noticing our attention grabbing, flashing lights outside and are very curious. 


Until recently many people in the Halifax and Bedford Nova Scotia area have never heard of infrared and red light therapy. We are changing that with our brand new wellness studio that just opened in the past year. RBL is a family operated and run business that strives to meet and exceed client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being locally owned and run as we ourselves live in the community of West Bedford and Hammonds Plains. Our studio is located at 3 Kingswood Drive which is just minutes from Larry Uteck and West Bedford. 


We have found that the growing population of this area is wanting better options to work out, lose weight and stay healthy! People expressed that they wanted to come and spend time in a relaxing, low sensory environment and that is exactly what we offer. Our clients rave about the cleanliness of our wellness studio and we have always taken this very seriously even before covid. We make sure all of our equipment is sanitized thoroughly between each client so that everyone can feel assured it is safe for them during their session. The atmosphere here is amazing and you will feel more comfortable than you’ve ever felt at any other wellness or fitness facility. 


So what exactly do we offer? That is what everyone is asking and probably the reason you are reading this article right now. Our first response to that is always “come in and see for yourself!” We would love to show you around and explain how everything works. We want to answer the biggest question you have - what will this do for ME! After all, this is the main goal, to get YOU feeling BETTER! 


Cryotherapy is all the Rage in Halifax!


Have you every experienced a cryotherapy facial? It is very cold and feels invigorating! You will notice a difference in the appearance of your skin after just a few sessions! We also offer localized cryotherapy for any area that you are experiencing pain or inflammation. Our cryotherapy facial can also instantly help with a headache or recovery from a late night out. Yes it’s true, we have clients that claim it is the best hangover cure! 


Hot Workout with Infrared Sauna Pod Therapy


We are well known for our infrared HOT Workout. You can try our stationary bike or the elliptical which both offer infrared heat sauna heat. That means you are going to burn more calories while working out and also recover faster. These are just two of the many benefits of incorporating infrared heat therapy into your workout. We also have the options of a spin bike workout and a virtual personal training that offers hundreds of personal workouts on demand.  


Our cocoon sauna pods provide BOTH red-light therapy and infrared heat. It is the most relaxing 30 minutes you’ll probably ever experience. The benefits can be felt immediately after a full session. Take your sweat session to the next level by using our toning, fat burning cellulite reducing cream and a sauna suit. These two items work together to help you sweat more, detox better and burn fat faster. Ask our staff about our lotion and sauna suits for your session. 


Red Light Therapy and Tanning in Halifax. Now with Toning Technology!


We also have what we refer to as our ‘healing booth’ because of the numerous benefits. Our red light booth is a 12 minute session that gives you the healing benefits of red light therapy. Red light therapy can help with many issues such as inflammation, join pain, scarring and acne, it helps to build collagen and promote longevity. There is also the option to use the Vibrashape technology which means you can tone and firm your body during your session. How awesome is that?


Beat the winter blues with a tanning session in our premium tanning beds. I know personally, I always feel so much better after a quick tanning session. The vitamin D bulbs in our lay down bed give me that boost I need and the aromatherapy makes me feel relaxed and stress free. Having bronzed skin year round elevates my mood and gives me more confidence. Our revolutionary stand up tanning booth has Vibrashape technology which will tone you while you tan. Tanned and toned is the secret to happiness during the cold winter months in Nova Scotia. 


Take Advantage of our Complementary Introductory Session


We do offer a complementary introductory session to anyone who is new to Rehab Body Lab. Come in and check it out! We provide a free tour and you can experience the RBL difference risk free! After all we are like nothing else in HRM and you won’t find this technology anywhere else locally. To book an intro session please call or text 902-417-1397


So what is the cost for all these amazing sessions with top of the line equipment provided at RBL? You will actually be pleasantly surprised to hear how affordable our memberships are. They combine different sessions to give you the best value at one low price. What value do you put on your health? We have many options to suit even the busiest lifestyle. There are options to use some or all of the equipment we provide. You get to choose the membership plan that is right for you. If you are looking to experience everything at RBL ask about our Fit to the Core Membership.

Check out our online virtual online tour of our studio with Trudy:

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