Tanning in Halifax

Anyone that has lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia has experienced the sometimes harsh and always cold winters here. Halifax and Bedford are on the east coast and because of that we see a lot of wind, rain and snow. The weather can change quite frequently, especially in the winter months.


Many people choose to travel through the winter months to more southern countries. That is changing now due to recent fears of covid and the travel restrictions put on Canadians. 


Many indoor tanning salons in Halifax and Bedford have shut down due to tough times these past few months. Local businesses can be hard to keep open even in the best of times. 


Rehab Body Lab Wellness Studio is open. We are located minutes from West Bedford and Larry Uteck. We offer tanning and have premium beds with new bulbs. 


Our red light therapy booth (or healing booth as we call it) compliments our tanning services. Red light therapy has many benefits for your skin, hair,  joints, tissue, muscles and more.  It even helps with weight loss and mood. Many people suffering with winter blues, depression and/or SAD find that the combination of tanning and red-light therapy helps tremendously. 


Take it one step further and combine that with our infrared technology for added benefits and relaxation. Our infrared pods massage you while you relax, leaving you feeling invigorated with more energy while at the same time sleeping better at night.  


We use a patented process of the highest quality of infrared heat in both our exercise machines and infrared sauna. Our red light therapy, skin tightening cream, massage and vibration tones and tightens your body all in one session.  


Our membership packages are affordable and have amazing value. Here are a list of our most popular memberships: 


Beach Club

Includes - red light therapy booth and tanning


Hot Workout 

Includes: Infrared bike, Infrared Elliptical, Spin bikes, Reflect


Sweat it Out 

Includes:  Infrared + red light therapy Sauna pod


Vibrant You - 

Includes: Infrared + red light therapy Sauna pod, red light therapy booth, tanning


Fit to the Core -  

Includes: Infrared bike, Infrared Elliptical, Spin bikes, Reflect, Infrared + red light therapy Sauna pod, red light therapy booth, tanning


Come in and enjoy a complimentary introductory session for new customers at Rehab Body Lab. We offer an introductory session in our red light therapy booth, sauna pod and for our infrared exercise equipment. 


Call or text today to come in at 902-417-1397