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Tanning at RBL

Here at RBL we have 2 state of the art tanning beds giving you a luxurious tanning experience you won’t find anywhere else. Spend less time tanning with our new 200 and 180 watt bulbs.

Lay Down Tanning

The KBL 4800 offers a tanning experience that is pure pleasure and relaxation. This Premier Sun-bed is like tanning 3-5 times in a regular tanning bed delivering faster, time saving results. Take advantage of premium features at an incredible value.

(2x) P2 Vitamin D boosting lamps for added wellness
Adjustable Facial Output
Adjustable Body Fan
MP3 audio system and volume control

Stand Up Tanning

The stand up Sunrise 480 has 200 watt bulbs which means you can spent less time per session achieving a golden tan. 

This tanning booth will give you a unique experience because you can experience Vibra Shape while you tan. 

Vibra Shape allows customers to work on their physical fitness as they tan without even breaking into a sweat.  At the same time, the vibration plate built into the support frame promotes muscle generation and improves physical mobility and coordination. The vibration is gentle on the joints, promotes weight loss, firms up connective tissue and prevents cellulite.