Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy works by sending wavelengths into the skin directly using a mildly powered red light. Due to the absorption of the light by the cells, a boost is given to the mitochondria that, in turn, stimulates the body to produce more adenosine triphosphate. The natural processes of the body are stimulated, leading to reduced inflammation, improved blood flow, rise in production of collagen, reduced stress, and improvement in the rebuilding of damaged cells.

The effect of red light therapy on fat cells

Red light therapy works on adipocytes that are cells whose function is to store fat. When adipocytes come in contact with red light, triglycerides are discharged, which causes a considerable amount of fat loss. Members in an experiment group showed a loss of 2.15 cm from the waist in four weeks.

Studies have shown that there are many more benefits to be derived from red light therapy besides the loss of triglycerides leading to weight loss and better body contour.

Red light also has effects on the levels of Leptin and Ghrelin, two hormones in our body responsible for the maintenance of weight. Leptin helps in maintaining body weight by controlling appetite and helping the body in burning energy. Ghrelin causes an increase in appetite and encourages the production of growth hormones. People with poor sleep habits often see an increase in levels of ghrelin hormone and a reduction in leptin levels, leading to weight gain. They benefit from red light treatment because it improves the leptin levels in the body and reduces ghrelin levels. Thus, people exposed to red light feel less hungry and do not need to snack often. They are able to stick to a low-calorie diet, thus losing weight.

Thus if your diet plans, appetite suppressants and other weight loss techniques are not working in your favour, then red light therapy is the answer to your problems. Clinical trials have shown that red light therapy helps in weight loss by reducing extra fat. 

Now, you cannot expect desired results from red light therapy if you follow an unhealthy diet and do not exercise at all. Red light therapy will increase your chances of weight loss if accompanied by a moderate lifestyle with some areas to work upon that prove to be stubborn. Sometimes people find that they have reached a peak, and further weight loss is proving to be impossible. This is where red light therapy comes to your rescue. The therapy will energize the cells of the body, and the body will be able to burn fat more effectively.

Since red light therapy gives the desired results fast, a positive mindset is created, and the person’s willpower gets a boost. This leads to healthy eating habits, a regular exercise routine, eating smaller portions and effectively controlling stress.

Boost to cellular metabolism

Cellular energy is stimulated due to red light therapy. Chromophores present in the mitochondria absorb photons from the red light. This quickens the energy production in the cells, which, in turn, leads to increased production of healthy cells and improved cellular performance. Inflammation is reduced, and cellular reproduction is regulated. The result is improved metabolism and better functioning of body organs.

Improvement in muscle mass

Exposure to red light leads muscle mass to grow. This requires energy. It has been observed that 50 calories burn for the growth of one pound of muscle mass even when the body is at rest. Thus calories are used up without exercise. Quicker muscle recovery and growth have been observed in athletes after and before exercise when given red light rays.

Regulation of thyroid function

Hypothyroidism(the thyroid gland is not functioning at optimum level) causes weight gain. Red light therapy can return the thyroid gland to its normal function by reducing its autoimmune activity. This leads to improved metabolism and the body’s capacity to lose weight faster.


Reduction in insulin resistance

Red light has the potential to help you lose weight through the regulation of thyroid function and improved cellular metabolism. Additionally, when combined with physical activity, it can reduce body fat and resistance to insulin. This was discovered in research involving 64 overweight women.


These women took red light therapy, along with doing aerobic exercises three times a week and weight training for 20 weeks. It was found that when red light therapy was taken along with following an exercise routine, it helped to reduce fat by 5.6%, and there was a reduction in insulin resistance.


Reduction in fat cells

Red light activates the forming of small openings through which lipids (fatty acids) are released from the fat cells. When a person is given 635nm of red light for four minutes, it was seen that it released 80% lipids from the fat cells. Almost all fat was released after six minutes of exposure to red light.

The theory behind this discovery is that temporary pores are formed in fat cells when fat cells are exposed to red light. This leads to the release of lipids.

Subdued appetite

Red light therapy regulates the production of leptin and ghrelin hormones in the body. These hormones affect the appetite of individuals. With the reduction in ghrelin levels, a person feels less hungry, and it becomes easy to lose weight.

Better sleep patterns

Poor sleep habits can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Insomnia may be caused by chronic stress, and this increases the chances of weight gain by increasing the production of cortisol in the body leading to disturbance of the nervous system and poor metabolism.

Red light therapy promotes improved sleep patterns and provides better energy in the morning to pursue healthy exercise routines.

Reduction in inflammation

It has been studied that people who suffer from continued inflammation and cellular strain cause metabolic dysfunction leading to obesity. Red light therapy reduces inflammation and improves the metabolism of the body that in turn helps with obesity issues.

Having discussed the benefits of red light therapy to fight obesity, we now take up some questions that the reader might want an answer to

Is red light therapy useful in getting rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is extra subcutaneous fat—or fat underneath the skin. It’s an obstinate problem that cannot be dealt with with exercise and diet alone. Great success has been achieved in reducing this fat through the use of Red light therapy.


Research showed that participants who were given 850nm infrared light and were doing high-intensity exercise on the treadmill lost more cellulite from the hip and buttock area. This was in comparison to the participants who only exercised on the treadmill.

Is red light therapy a safe procedure?

It is safe because it is non-invasive and the person taking it only feels a nice warmth. This therapy has been in use for biomedical purposes and is a non-surgical method of body contouring.

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