❤ I Love My Muff ❤

Canadian made with plant based ingredients, make these
natural feminine care products a fresh alternative and a must try!

What are the benefits of using Muff?

So what exactly is a muff you ask? It is your vulva - different from your vagina of course. The vagina has always been know to be self cleaning. The vulva is not. Muff gives you a natural option to provide more love and care in the feminine area of your body. 


Soaps can be harsh and not beneficial to the skin, especially our delicate lady parts. They can cause dryness, itchiness and even yeast infections. Muff products are plant based, natural and safe for any part of your body. Yes you can use Muff anywhere, not just on your muff! It was made by a woman for women. 

The entire line is also soy and gluten free. The only fragrance comes from essential oils - nothing artificial here! No parabens allowed either. It will not cause any irritation or have any adverse effects. You can feel confident using Muff products. 

When we heard about these amazing products we knew this was a must have at Rehab Body Lab. Most of our clients come to us to sweat it out and detox. We understand that person hygiene is so important after a great workout or sweat session. We are so excited to be able to off this line to our clients at affordable prices. It fits in perfectly with the natural product lines we already offer which are helping so many customers. 

What Products are Available at RBL? 

There are 4 beauty products available in the line:

Gentle cleanser to be used in the shower. It supports natural PH levels. It is very gentle but also helps to keep bad bacteria away. Only contains plant based ingredients. 

The cleanser comes in two all natural scents derived from essential oils. The green cleanser is citrus and the blue is a fresh scent. Ask our staff for more info on what essential oils go in to each one. They smell absolutely wonderful without any irritating ingredients. 

Soft Cream that is for your muff but can be used on any part of your body because it's so gentle. It can be used daily as part of your routine. It prevents and relieves dryness and is perfect to use after waxing or shaving. It even prevents ingrown hairs and inflammation. This cream will have you feeling amazing down there!

It comes in the same natural scents as the cleanser. There is never anything artificial. 

Pure spray, also to be used as part of your daily routine or when you feel the need to feel refreshed! Supports PH levels and reduces inflammation. Great for that time of the month or when you've been sitting for extra long periods of time. Great to have during the humid summer or after a workout!

Fresh wipes that are perfect for so many reasons! Whether you don't have time for a shower, just completed a workout, you're menstruating or anything in between these wipes will help you feel fresh again! They are individually packaged so they fit in your pocket or purse for convenience. The wipes are great to have on the go! They are non irritating and feel great on the skin.  

Choose Rehab Body Lab for Your

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We'd love to discuss these all natural products with you further and share our experience. We know you will love them just as much as we do! We also appreciate your support of our small business. Just recently turning 1 year old, we appreciate every single one of our clients so much!

We have 'try me' samples available at RBL so you can smell and feel the lotion and spray before you buy. Just ask the staff for a sample to try during your next visit. 

Contact us today for more information at our Kingswood Drive, Nova Scotia facility. We do offer curb-side pickup for all of our products. Just purchase on our website then text with the time you'd like to pick up at 902-417-1397. We'd be happy too run it out to you so you don't even have to leave your car.

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