Infrared Therapy for Workout Recovery

How Infrared Therapy Can Help With Weight Loss And Workout Recover

In today’s world, people are under extreme stress due to a busy life schedule. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to unhealthy food habits and sedentary routines. Often, people don’t get enough time to work out or do even simple body movements. All these adversely affect work productivity and mental health.

Giving focus to health and wellness is of prime importance. Neglecting the early warning signs of body fatigue may lead to long-term consequences. Obesity, weight gain and tissue damages often transform into irreversible health issues in the future. At this juncture, you should adopt trustworthy therapeutic methods that have few side effects. Infrared therapy and red light therapy are two common therapeutic methods that help in weight loss and workout recovery. 

In this article, let us explore the options for the best infrared therapy treatment in the Halifax region in Canada.

Rejuvenating your body through infrared therapy

Every tissue of our body requires relaxation. But people often go to the extremes in terms of body maintenance. On one side, excessive eating and no exercise lead to obesity. On the other hand, extreme workouts without adequate nutrition leading to tissue damage. Both these conditions have a negative impact on our overall well-being.

With the advancement of medical science, there are many treatment options available for your body maintenance. Some common options include
- Surgery
- Antibiotics based treatment
- Rehabilitation therapy
- Physiotherapy


Even though many people prefer these methods, they are not devoid of side effects. Moreover, options such as surgery and antibiotic treatment pose a lot of risks. They are also very costly. Infrared therapy is a very effective alternative that is easy and low cost. Compared to the traditional treatment methods, it doesn’t have any side effects.

What is infrared therapy?

Infrared therapy is a new generation medical technique that uses infrared rays from the light spectrum. It is widely known as red light therapy and is a non-invasive technique. The low irradiance infrared beams are used for this treatment. These infrared rays fall between the frequencies of 430 THz to 300GHz. It is currently used for pain and inflammation in various body parts. Additionally, its unique properties are used for weight loss treatment also.

Light frequencies such as Ultra Violet (UV) rays often damage the skin cells. But infrared lights possess the property to aid cell regeneration. With infrared therapy, the body part that requires repair can be exposed to the infrared rays. These rays can penetrate the deep skin layers and promote the repair of damaged cells.

The infrared therapy process

Infrared therapy is not a complex process. It is a painless treatment procedure that has no side effects. It makes use of the biochemical impact of red light (infrared rays) on the cell mitochondria. Mitochondria are often considered the powerhouse of every cell. They can absorb the infrared rays and helps in the relaxation of various body parts. The infrared rays are completely safe and don’t pose any threat to the DNA. There are multiple modes of conducting infrared therapies. Medical experts closely examine the patient before administering the suitable infrared treatment. Some common types of equipment for Infrared therapy are
- Infrared pads
- Infrared blankets and wraps
- Infrared sauna systems

Infrared therapy for weight loss and workout recovery

Infrared therapy has many applications. The two common applications are for weight loss and workout recovery. If you are looking for these services in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then Rehab Body Lab offers advanced facilitates for infrared treatment. The state-of-the-art clinic offers the following services:

Wellness Cocoon: This is one of the unique features at the Halifax facility by Rehab Body Lab. The wellness cocoon is an advanced equipment capable of delivering infrared and red light therapy. The patient lies down in the cocoon with the head exposed outside. Rays from the machine heat up the body. This creates a sweating response from the body due to the activation of sweat glands. The sweat glands are activated as the body tries to cool down by itself.

Sweating leads to the removal of impurities from the body. With an increased cardiovascular response, it burns more calories. In a typical session, a person can burn up to 300-600 calories. Repeating this process at regular intervals helps in weight loss.

Infrared Elliptical Bike: Unlike normal gym equipment, the infrared bike is an innovation that combines workout and infrared therapy. You can pedal the cycle that helps in burning calories. But at the same time, the infrared emissions reduce the impact of physical exhaustion due to the workout. This helps in fast recovery from post-workout fatigue. Physical activity combined with heat from infrared promotes sweating and calorie burn.

Benefits of infrared therapy

Infrared therapy is fast becoming a successful alternative to many traditional methods of treatment. Especially for weight loss and post-workout recovery, it is very effective. Some major benefits of infrared therapy include,

Promote cardiovascular health: Deteriorating cardiovascular activity is the major reason behind fatigue and many lifestyle diseases. As a result of infrared therapy, more nitric oxide molecules are produced in the bloodstream. This helps in increased blood circulation promoting better health. An increase in blood circulation is essential for repairing damaged tissues. It also prevents free radical formation that is often associated with various diseases.

Promotes anti-ageing: Apart from the biochemical effects on the mitochondria, infrared therapy has multiple positive effects on the skin surface. It reduces the scars and wrinkles on the skin and makes you look younger.

Complete detoxification: A complete relaxation and detox is a luxury for many people. People often resort to specific diets and tough workout regimes, which may take a lot of time to show positive results. Infrared therapy provides an instant method for detoxification. The deep penetration of infrared rays promotes the metabolic process. It also helps in faster blood oxidation in the body. Additionally, sweating prompted by the heat from infrared treatment is also very beneficial. This aids in flushing out toxic substances from the body.

No side effects and risk-free: Unlike UV rays, infrared rays act soft on the body. It doesn’t cause burns or other side effects. Infrared treatment is a completely legal and safe practice. But make sure to approach only a certified health facility for undergoing the treatment. If you are in the Halifax region, there is no doubt that Rehab Body Lab is the best place for your infrared treatment.

Easy procedure for weight loss: Obesity and unchecked weight gain is a major problem for people across the globe. After a point in time, this can’t be controlled by mere exercise or diet restrictions. People often spend a lot of money on medicines and surgeries for weight loss. These options possess a major health risk and are time-consuming. Infrared therapy is a safe and low-cost alternative to these methods for weight loss.

Relief from pain and workout stress: Infrared therapy is a great tool for relieving stress and pain resulting from a workout. It promotes the growth of healing factors that help in tissue rejuvenation. This, along with increased blood circulation, is a major factor that can repair tissue damage. For athletes and gym enthusiasts, it is a quick recovery tool from post-workout stress.

Choose Rehab Body Lab for Red Light Therapy


Infrared therapy is an innovative treatment method. It is highly effective in treating weight loss and post-workout body stress. But you should be very careful in choosing a facility for undergoing this treatment. Make sure to approach a trusted and well-experienced clinic for infrared therapy.

In the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Rehab Body Lab is the most trusted facility for infrared therapy. This tanning & wellness studio has been providing infrared and red light therapy for years. With a team of highly committed and trained staff, they provide you with world-class service.


It has state-of-the-art facility including wellness cocoon, infrared elliptical bike etc., that are highly efficient. They have a membership facility that allows you to get discounts and attractive pricing. Rehab Body Lab also provides the best value packages for weight loss.

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