Halifax Tanning COVID Response

COVID has had a large impact on a lot of businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In March of 2020 Rehab Body Lab had to temporarily close its doors along with other businesses. On June 5th RBL was able to reopen its doors to the residents of HRM.


As always, RBL is dedicated to maintaining our best cleaning and disinfecting processes. We ensure that all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected many times a day. Between clients all rooms and equipment is sanitized to fullest extent to ensure we meet all COVID standards. All of our staff are wearing non-medical masks, as is required by the Nova Scotia government.


We have found that Rehab Body Lab has had an increase in customers from the Halifax area since COVID. We feel this is because of a gain in public awareness as to the benefits of infrared and red light therapy. It is also due to our affordable membership pricing. Members can benefit from: infrared circuit, red light therapy, sauna and tanning with vitamin D pigmented bulbs. Customers generally feel a sense of well being as soon as their first session.


Unfortunately, not all businesses have had the same success as Rehab Body Lab.  Recently several tanning salons in the Halifax area, such as Sun Sands Tanning, have shut down due to COVID and the negative impact it has had on Halifax businesses.


As such, we at Rehab Body Lab want to assure you that we aren’t going anywhere. Business has picked up and we are doing even better than we were before the COVID-19 shutdown. We have even enlarged our lotion selection so we can offer our customers more high quality lotions, to improve your tanning and red light therapy experience experience.


We believe that when it comes to tanning in the Halifax and Bedford area, we are your number one choice for quality and satisfaction. 


We’re offering a complimentary introductory session to first time customers. Use coupon code INTRORED20 to book a complimentary session for either red light therapy or infrared. Call or text to book at 902-417-1397.


We look forward to serving all of our customers. We are a locally owned and family operated business looking to serve your needs, please let us know how we can help you.