Benefits of Cryotherapy Facials and Localized Cryotherapy

Every day, our body is exposed to the ravages of pollution, chemicals, UV radiation and physical strain. This can make our skin age faster and look sickly. Our muscles and tissues may experience micro injuries, which, if untreated, can lead to physical pain, discomfort and fatigue. The only way to restore your health is to undergo a full-body deep rejuvenation treatment. This is where cryotherapy comes in. 

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a specialized treatment that uses the healing properties of cold to treat your body. Here, extreme cold is used to freeze the treatment area. We use your body’s natural mechanism to thaw and re-heat the cooled part of the body. Your body directs oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the frozen treatment sites, allowing your tissues to be enriched with essential nutrients. Any damaged tissue that’s present completely disintegrates when frozen, allowing for the formation of healthy tissues. The entire treatment lasts just a few minutes long and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel.

Cryotherapy can be performed on multiple areas of the body. In fact, this very versatility makes cryotherapy so popular among men and women of all ages and with different lifestyles. 

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Why are cryotherapy facials better than traditional facials?

Has your skin lost its sheen? Do you find your skin is really rough to touch? Cryotherapy is a great way to restore your skin to its optimal health and appearance. You may feel slightly cold in the face during your session. 

Once applied to your face cryotherapy offers numerous benefits: 

1) Cryo facials improve your complexion and makes your skin brighter 

When your body experiences intense cooling or freezing, it directs blood flow from the extremities to the core organs such as the brain, liver, lungs, and others. This helps your body maintain its temperature. Once the cooling effect starts to lessen and your body regains its right temperature, the blood rushes back towards your extremities - your face and limbs. This sudden rush of circulation to your face will give you a flushed appearance, which makes you look brighter. The blood circulation will infuse your facial tissues with growth factors, platelets, oxygen, and other nutrients. These natural healing agents will enable your skin to feel and look absolutely radiant. 


2) Cryotherapy reduces the appearance of minor-to-moderate wrinkles

Cold has the power to boost skin metabolism. As a natural response to the intense cold, the cells in your face engage in intense cellular activity to prevent any permanent damage. One of the things your dermal cells do at this time is increase the production of elastin, which is responsible for the tightness and suppleness of your skin. As elastin production increases, your skin becomes tauter and fewer wrinkles and fine lines can be seen.

3) Volumizes your face by boosting collagen production 

Multiple studies have shown that cryotherapy facilitates the production of collagen. As the oxygen and nutrients reach your skin cells through the blood, cellular regeneration takes place. As new dermal cells form and existing cells start to heal, they produce fresh collagen, which strengthens the fibers in the skin. This collagen also has a volumizing effect by reducing the appearance of sagging and hollowness and making your face appear fuller. 

4) It reduces formation of acne 

Cryotherapy has exfoliating properties and is anti-bacterial in nature. Any impurities present are dislodged from the pores and any bacteria present are eliminated. After the treatment, your skin will be inherently healthier and cleaner than before.

Cryotherapy has also been found to reduce the production of oil from the skin. This prevents the clogging-up of your pores with oil and dirt, ensuring no acne is formed. Additionally, as the blood circulates through your face, it carries back any impurities in the skin, making it healthier. 

5) Cryotherapy shrinks (and sometimes closes) pores 

It’s a well-known fact that cold water and ice both have a skin tightening effect. In fact, many cosmetic experts recommend them as one of the best ways to close open pores right after facial treatments. 

It also offers a similar skin tightening effect. The extreme cold from the cryotherapy will tighten the skin cells and shrink enlarged pores. If the pores are already small, cryotherapy can be used to close the pore too. 

6) Cryotherapy helps you manage symptoms of severe skin conditions 

Cryotherapy has a much greater impact on your skin than just in the realm of anti-aging. It is especially helpful in managing symptoms of serious dermatological conditions.  

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition that causes the skin to inflame and become itchy. Some people experience skin flaking, as well. Unfortunately, there is no cure for atopic dermatitis currently. However, you can manage your symptoms with cryotherapy. 

As the cold is applied to your face, the intense cold reduces the presence of blood flow in your skin. This absence of circulation reduces swelling in the skin. But once your skin warms-up again, the skin cells damaged due to atopic dermatitis start to crumble and are disintegrated. Nutrients and oxygen stimulate cellular regeneration and healthy skin cells take the place of the old, diseased ones. This cycle reduces the appearance of puffy, dry and patchy skin.

Localized Cryotherapy

Not just for your face, but for the rest of your body too.

Cryotherapy is a very effective treatment not just for the skin and the face, but for other parts of the body too. In fact, this is a treatment that can be localized to various parts of the body, giving you complete revitalization. 

Areas where cryotherapy can be localized:

Localized cryotherapy can be administered to:  

  • Elbow joints

  • Wrist joints

  • Knee joints

  • Ankle joints

  • Hip joints  

  • Hands & Feet 

  • Head & Neck 

  • Back 

How localized cryotherapy can help you 

Cryotherapy reduces inflammation 

When you work out, play sports extensively or have a very physically-intense lifestyle, you are always at risk of soft-tissue injury. These micro-tears and wounds to the muscle can lead to inflammation. Your joints may also experience extreme wear-and-tear, leading to swelling in the elbows, knees, ankles, wrists or hips. 

Cryotherapy is a great way to reduce acute inflammation without using harmful drugs or undergoing invasive treatments. Inflammation is usually a sign that your body is fighting off infection or injury. According to studies, cryotherapy reduces inflammation by reducing the movement of macrophages (specialized cells that are designed to remove dead cells and fight infection) to the site of infection/injury. Cryotherapy also stops or slows down those cellular events that cause inflammation.  

Cryotherapy can help you manage chronic pain 

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians live with chronic pain today? 

Chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting your personal and professional life. Many people with elbow or knee pain, for instance, find it very difficult to do simple things like pick up a glass or stand up and walk. This pain can reduce your quality of life. 

Typically, pain is caused when the injured part of the body sends signals via the nerves, through the spinal cord, to the brain. The brain then informs the rest of the body of this injury in the form of pain. 

Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to reduce your nerve sensitivity, thereby limiting the extent to which you can feel pain. Apart from making your nerves less-sensitive, cryotherapy can slow down the transmission of pain signals by freezing your nerves and tissues temporarily, causing pain reduction. Add to this the reduced inflammation that’s a result of the cryotherapy. Any pressure that the injured body part experiences due to swelling will also be lessened. 

In fact, this is one of the reasons why cryotherapy is recommended when you have mild-to-moderate arthritis. The cooling effect of localized cryotherapy can relieve arthritic symptoms such as pain and inflammation in the fingers, wrists, feet, knees and elbows.

Localized Cryotherapy can facilitate faster wound healing 

The cryotherapy treatment has also been observed to accelerate wound healing. When the cold therapy boosts circulation to the treatment site (here, the injured part of the body), the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood infuse the area. This provides healing factors and stimulates the regeneration of healthy cells, making make your injury heal faster. 

Cryotherapy reduces migraines and improve your mood

Many times, headaches and migraines can occur because of tension in the neck muscles. Poor posture from sitting in front of the computer all day and using smartphones in your free time can make you very susceptible to neck pain. This neck pain can lead to side-of-the-head migraines as well. 

Research shows that cold therapy can help alleviate migraines and if too severe, dull the pain by relaxing the tensed muscles in the neck region. The cooling effect of localized cryotherapy can improve blood flow in the neck, allowing the neck muscles to become more relaxed. 

Apart from migraine-relief, one clinical study showed that cryotherapy can improve mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression as well. 

Localized Cryotherapy can help get rid of warts 

Today, cryotherapy has become one of the standard treatments for wart removal in medical spas and dermatological clinics. But even when you don’t come in for a specific wart removal treatment, cryotherapy to a fatigued region of the body where warts may be clustered can yield excellent cosmetic results. 

Cryotherapy freezes the wart located on the surface of the skin, drying it up. Over the course of a few treatments, damaged cells and scar tissues in the wart start to crumble, finally resulting in the wart falling-off.

It can reduce hair falling out

That’s right! Cryotherapy is great for your hair too. 

The cooling blast, when aimed at the top portion of your forehead (where hair roots are), boosts circulation to your scalp. Once nutrient-rich blood flows through the scalp, your root follicles are infused with extremely important growth factors.

Additionally, the improved oxygen and nutrient content also facilitates collagen production in the scalp region, which provides the cellular structure your hair follicles need to heal and grow. Over a few sessions, you’ll notice a reduced frequency of hair loss. 

Is cryotherapy safe? 

Localized cryotherapy is a very safe treatment that can be undergone by anyone. In fact, it is particularly helpful to athletes and people who are very physically active. Not only will it reduce inflammation, pain and fatigue, but it will do so in a very short period of time. 

Consider ice baths – which are recommended for professional athletes and (sometimes for) people with arthritis. Ice baths freeze your muscles very deeply, which can increase the time they take to recover, warm-up and regain proper functioning. But with the localized cryotherapy, the treatment lasts for only 10-15 minutes. The tissues freeze only temporarily and warm-up just as quickly, helping you experience relief faster and allowing you to return to work once the treatment is complete. 

Cryotherapy facials are really safe for men and women of all ages. Cryotherapy is completely non-invasive and involves stimulating your body’s natural physiological reaction to gain wonderful cosmetic benefits.  

Of course, if you are currently pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult our experts on whether this is the right time for cryotherapy or not. We can recommend alternative times for the cryotherapy or other treatments that can be of help. 

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