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benefits of
infrared therapy


Infrared Therapy in Halifax / Bedford Nova Scotia is a therapy method that can be used to treat numerous skin conditions as well as health issues, using low-intensity red wavelengths. The benefits of infrared therapy have been increasingly studied, particularly because of its biochemical impact on the strength of the cell’s mitochondria, allowing for greater cell repair after damage.

As a natural, non – invasive therapy, it allows for greater pain relief through deeper penetration of the skin’s layers. Infrared Therapy may be of different types depending on the results being sought but typically, includes:

  • Infrared saunas

  • Infrared body wraps

  • Infrared pads

  • Infrared blankets

Near infrared therapy


Near Infrared Therapy can be used effectively to penetrate up to 9 inches through the skin, emitting lower EMF levels, without putting the body under stress as the surrounding air is being heated up.

Far infrared therapy


Far infrared therapy cannot penetrate the skin deeply as it uses emissions that are further away from the skin’s surface. Despite the benefits it offers, near-infrared therapy is generally preferred for the more direct impact it has on the body.

The benefits of infrared therapy are many, making it an increasingly popular form of therapy in use today.

Pain relief

One of the best benefits of infrared therapy is its ability to provide pain relief for mild as well as chronic pain. Studies have found that it can be an effective method to provide pain relief in cases of chronic back pain, reducing pain by almost 50%. Quicker healing of the body can also be promoted with the alleviation of pain, including instances of spine injuries, joint pains, muscle pains, sports injuries, and joint inflammation. Not only is it safe to use, but it can also help you get pain relief without the need for any medication.

Stress Relief


Infrared Therapy can also be an effective measure for providing relief from stress through deep muscle penetration and relaxation. Your body's levels of stress hormones can be balanced through infrared therapy, relieving you from stress, and also offering mental clarity.

Injury rehabilitation


Infrared Therapy can help with injury rehabilitation and healing, making it extremely popular, especially for athletes. Ankle sprains, deep muscle tissue injuries, back injuries, and even brain injuries can be treated using infrared therapy. With infrared therapy, the action of the cells’ mitochondria can be improved, promoting new cell / tissue repair and growth. It helps to speed up the natural healing process of the body, promotes circulation, and reduces inflammation in the body. Increased collagen production because of infrared therapy also improves blood flow to skin tissues which receive more nutrients and oxygenation, thereby speeding up the process of wound healing.

Treats sleep issues


Sleep disorders such as insomnia can be dealt with without the need for taking any medication through infrared therapy. Working on the same principles of stress relief, infrared therapy helps to keep the body in a relaxed state, allowing you to sleep better.



Another major benefit of infrared therapy also includes detoxification of the body. By penetrating deep into the skin tissue, infrared therapy helps to speed up the body’s blood oxidation and metabolic process, resulting in a detox of the internal system. Fat-soluble toxins, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, and heavy metals have been found to be released with infrared saunas. Raising the body’s core temperature via infrared therapy allows for the flushing out of toxins through deep sweating at the cellular level under safe temperatures.    

A potential cure for cancer


Studies have found that infrared therapy can serve as a potential cure for cancer through nanoparticle activation, which is rendered highly toxic to cancer cells. It can also be used to reduce the side effects resulting from cancer treatment, especially oral mucositis, which affects the oral cavity, leading to painful mouth sores and swelling around gums.

Improves cardiovascular functioning


With infrared therapy, you can benefit from improved cardiovascular functioning. Infrared therapy results in greater nitric oxide production, a molecule that’s important in signaling health of blood vessels by relaxing the arteries and preventing the clotting and clumping of blood in the vessels. It can also combat free radicals to deal with oxidative stress as well as monitor blood pressure. Nitric oxide also improves blood circulation, providing injured tissues with more oxygen and nutrients, reducing pain as well as inflammation.

Reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis not only results in inflammation of the body but is also painful, with the pain progressing as the disease progresses. Infrared therapy can’t cure rheumatoid arthritis, but it can reduce the symptoms associated with it. Pain relief and relaxation of stiffness are two major benefits of infrared therapy in tackling rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Boosts the body’s immunity


Immunity can be improved with infrared therapy due to the heated environment created that effectively fights against bacteria or virus. Dilation of blood vessels also increases oxygen supply to the body, improving blood circulation.

Promotes weight loss


Weight loss through reduced water weight and fat breakdown can also be promoted through use of infrared therapy as your body works up a sweat under the heated environment. The heated cellular activity can help you with weight loss, although such benefits are minimal using infrared therapy.

Promotes hair growth


Infrared Therapy can promote hair growth and result in a denser appearance of previously thinning hair, especially for those suffering from androgenic alopecia, a genetic disorder that results in permanent hair loss and balding.

Reduces scars and wrinkles on the skin


Infrared Therapy can help to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing the scars and wrinkles that appear, especially on the arms, face, or other body areas. Results of the treatment, however, will depend on the size and severity of the scars and wrinkles. Larger scars or wrinkles can be faded only slightly, and deep scarring or wrinkling will require a larger number of treatments to be completely reduced, but infrared therapy can still significantly reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles on the skin, improving overall attractiveness.